Hotel Aguas Claras

Location: Limon/Puerto Viejo

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Finding a 5-star luxury hotel in Puerto Viejo can be challenging. Hotel Aguas Claras is a special oasis. It’s filled with art, soul, and a true sense of place, like a dream jungle or a line of poetry.

It’s an inspiring hideaway that will enliven and refresh you, sending you back home anew.

The heartbeat of Hotel Aguas Claras is the life work of an artist, manifested as a boutique luxury hotel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. With privileged “ocean-side” beach access to Playa Chiquita, Hotel Aguas Claras offers the best spot on the South Caribbean Coast. Playful design seamlessly blends with the tropical surroundings, with charming details and delightful surprises at every corner.

The hotel features 6 luxury bungalows, 6 themed suites, and a 2-story Caribbean House, each individually curated with works of art from local artist-friends, treasures, good luck charms, reclaimed statement pieces, and handcrafted objects. The Pavlova Suites are especially unique, offering luxuriously modern spaces with charming details and delightful surprises. The open-concept Pavlova Suites provide up to 40 sq.m (430 sq.ft) of private living space, ideal for those planning to spend most of their time at the beach or exploring Puerto Viejo. They accommodate up to 2 adults, perfect for a romantic getaway or a creative escape.

At DaLime Beach Club, located on the hotel’s beachfront spot, guests can enjoy lunch right on the beach at one of the nicest spots on the Caribbean Coast. The club offers indoor-outdoor space, smooth beats, live local music, reggae and theme nights, and is all about modern Caribbean-cool and letting the day take you wherever it may. If you desire something special, Hotel Aguas Claras can arrange a private beachfront dinner by candlelight, a small sunset gathering with cocktails, or a surprise beachside sip. Whatever the mood, the best days can be spent at DaLime Beach Club, where guests can come and “lime” – hang out with friends, enjoy good eating, good drinking, and great conversation. Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo is a true gem, a unique and artistic escape that promises an unforgettable experience in Costa Rica’s South Caribbean Coast.