Chayote Lodge

Location: Alajuela/Naranjo

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Chayote Lodge is a unique boutique lodge located in Llano Bonito de Naranjo, a small village in the mountainous central valley of Costa Rica, about 25 miles northwest of San Jose and on the way to the Arenal Volcano.

The lodge is set on a hilltop at 5400 feet above sea level, surrounded by coffee fields and cloud forest, offering breathtaking views of four volcanoes, Costa Rica’s Central Valley, and even part of the Pacific Ocean.

The lodge features 11 Recibidor Suites and one Forest Suite, each uniquely designed and decorated to provide guests with a comfortable and authentic Costa Rican experience. Chayote Lodge is not a traditional luxury lodge, but rather a new concept that allows guests to discover and experience the country’s culture and natural wonders while maintaining a high level of comfort and personalized service.

Inspired by the rich coffee culture of the region, Chayote Lodge’s architecture and design integrate the most noteworthy elements of the coffee culture. The property resembles a coffee picker’s story and lifestyle, with the bungalows resembling traditional Coffee Receiving Stations known locally as “Recibidores.”

The lodge’s strategic location is a perfect gateway to discover different national parks, waterfalls, coffee fields, rural villages, local artisans, and enjoy the local lifestyle by visiting homes, gardens, and city parks within the vicinity.

The main building of the lodge houses an intimate fireplace, a fusion cuisine restaurant that mixes local flavors with international dishes, a terrace café, and a local-like bar where guests can interact with natives and learn about their traditions. Quelites Restaurant, located at the highest point of the property, offers some of the most beautiful views in Costa Rica, from the Central Valley and its volcanic range to the Gulf of Nicoya in the Pacific Ocean and the green mountains surrounding the property to the Northwest.

At Chayote Lodge, guests can savor natural fresh food prepared with locally grown produce and even some from the lodge’s own gardens. The menu changes according to seasonal vegetables and fruits, and the lodge takes pride in rescuing the best of Costa Rican cuisine and presenting it as part of the guest experience.

Chayote Lodge is perfect for travelers who want to learn about the country’s culture, history, and natural wonders, and prefer small, boutique lodges and personalized service over traditional luxury resorts. The lodge offers an authentic opportunity to experience Costa Rica in a true way, where visitors blend into the culture and customs of the locals.