Create Everlasting Memories on Your Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Tortuguero Honeymoon

Are you ready for an adventure? Tortuguero is a must-see destination for explorers seeking remote and untouched wilderness

The only way to reach this stunning region is by navigating through lagoons, canals, and rivers, or by following a marked path. Once you arrive, you’ll be amazed by the breathtaking canals, such as Caño Palma with its dark waters, Caño Harold, or Caño Chiquero. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the biodiversity of the very humid tropical forest, which grows in swampy terrain and features over 400 species of trees that can reach up to 50 meters in height, such as the sangrillo and the mountain almond. In addition, Tortuguero is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, as it’s home to endangered sea turtles that come to nest on the beaches every year. Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable experience in Costa Rica!