A roadway in the wilderness, like an oasis in the desert. Heaven and Earth slowly dissolving to become a place called Xandari Resort and Spa.


Art and architecture are highlights of the Xandari experience in Costa Rica. 24 spacious villas nestled on a 40-acre plantation are surrounded by lush gardens, with terraces facing spectacular views of Costa Rica’s majestic Central Valley day and night. Each is a unique design, with tropical colors and contemporary design.


For nearly two decades, Xandari has been showcasing the core values of sense of community. Most of Xandarians, because our families are from this local community, walk to work. We know each other as neighbors and extended family members, which motivates us to work together on ensuring that your stay at Xandari is a distinct, pure experience. We do this because we want to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of our home


Based on its belief that hospitality can improve lives and also be good for the natural and cultural environments, The Muthoot Group embarked on a journey in 2001 to deploy its resources in the interest of entrepreneurial conservation.

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