Waterfall Garden La Paz

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is the #1 Most Visited Privately Owned Ecological Attraction in Costa Rica featuring the best hiking near San José, the most famous waterfalls in Costa Rica, animal sanctuary with over 100 species of animals, and an environmental education program

Five waterfalls, cloud forest and rain forest, safe hiking trails, aviary with numerous species of birds, toucan feeding demonstration time, insect exhibit, butterfly observatory, capuchin (white-faced) monkeys, black-handed spider monkeys, hummingbird garden with 26 documented species, hummingbird hand feeding demonstration time in the mornings and afternoons, serpentarium (snake exhibit), jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margays, tica house with petting zoo and ox cart, ranarium (frog exhibit), orchid exhibit, heliconia exhibit.  All of these offered at one place, makes La Paz Waterfall Gardens one of the best eco parks in Costa Rica.

As you wander the trails of La Paz Waterfall Gardens your senses will delight at the five waterfalls that line the trail. Originally these waterfalls were not really visible from the trails, but since the construction of Waterfall Gardens you can now enjoy a great view of the waterfalls from platforms above. This makes for a fantastic photo opportunity that is guaranteed to land in your photo albums as a great memory of your visit to Costa Rica!

The park is not only home to waterfalls, animals and fauna & flora, but also features a luxurious peace lodge. Located only one hour from Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose, this luxurious lodge is a perfect Hotel to start or end your trip in Costa Rica, while at the same time exploring the rainforest, hiking along incredible animals and seeing stunning waterfalls. Another interesting attraction is Poás Volcano, which is located only 20 minutes from Waterfall Gardens and is one of Costa Ricas 5 active volcanoes.

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Waterfall Gardens La Paz

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