Welcome to Tambor!

The Nicoya Peninsula is home to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. Each beach has its own personality and attracts completely different kinds of visitors, from the bohemians of Montezuma, to the surfers of Santa Teresa and the more resort oriented to the beaches of Tambor.

Playa Tambor is located on the plain of the beautiful Herradura bay and Ballena Bay. During the dry season, long time ago, whales entered the bay. Now a days, with the increase of the activity in the coasts, the whales no longer frequent the bay of Playa Tambor.

The beach is easily accessible by car and it is easy to find shade under almond trees and palm trees on the shore line of the beach. Thanks to the volcanic activity, thousands of years ago, we can find a gray and compact sand that slopes gently towards the bay in the form of a half moon. When the low tide produces a very wide stretch of beach appear and the shallow waters are more than calm, offering a good opportunity to swim even for the most timid bathers.




Tambor is a bay of waves and gentle slope of dark sands and crystal clear waters. It has hills at both ends, cliffs that still conserve their vegetation and a mangrove of great importance for animals and nature. For presenting the bay condition there is no danger for the bather. Beach destined sun, beach, sea, diving in the vicinity of the promontories and rich fishing.

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