Welcome to Bacaces, Guanacaste!

The charismatic town of Bagaces will give you the opportunity to discover small town charm surrounded by beautiful natural beauty. Located between the two national parks Rincón de la Vieja and ParqueNacional Palo Verde, Bagaces is the perfect gate for people that want to discover Guanacaste´s rustic environment. One of the most beautiful sides Bagaces has to offer is the nearby waterfall Llanos de Cortés, a cascading beauty that allows for refreshment in its crystal-clear, pristine waters.

Bagaces is located about 20 kilometers from the western shore side of Arenal Lake, and is a magnificent example of the type of town that can be found throughout Costa Rica. With children welcoming tourists, friendly and with picturesque views of the Guanacaste countryside, Bagaces is an ideal place for a stop visit, meet its people and enjoy a cold drink on your way to Liberia or the national parks of this province.




Bagaces is undoubtedly a beautiful town. This small city is naturally defined by the Salto River on its western edge and the Tenorio River to the east. The union of the flows of these two rivers gives tourists the opportunity to see beautiful and spectacular waterfalls in the heart of Guanacaste. This area is surrounded by paths and trails that are popular with lovers of hiking and that will make them not want to leave behind this beautiful place and its beautiful landscapes.

Adorned with beautiful landscapes, beautiful hospitable people and a warm climate all year round, the town of Bagaces is an ideal place to have a cold drink and some delicious native snacks while traveling through Costa Rica.

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