Sport Fishing

Costa Rica sport fishing is something that needs to be experienced to be believed. The country’s glassy blue waters are home to over 200 different IGFA records, with 22 for Billfish alone. The locals struggle to remember a year without at least three Super Grand Slams reported, meaning that Sailfish, Blue, Black and Striped Marlin were all caught on the same day, by the same boat.

But not only is this a country where you can make a realistic attempt at catching a record Billfish, it is also made up of a web of some of the most diverse and untouched fresh waterways on the planet. Whether you are looking for epic Billfish action or a serious addition to your lifetime fish species count, Costa Rica fishing charters should be right at the top of your sportfishing bucket list.

Costa Rica is widely praised for its year-round sportfishing. And with good reason: there is always a great catch to be had in these waters.There is great sport fishing all around the country, but especially around the Central and South Pacific, there are many tours with experienced captains and your chances of catching the biggest fish are higher than ever. If you are lucky you might even catch and release a Billfish.

Sport Fishing Costa Rica

We can offer tours from the Manuel Antonio Area, which is known as one of the best sport fishing locations in the world for “all year round action”. If you are interested in Sport Fishing during your vacation in Costa Rica, contact us now and we will add it to your personal itinerary!

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