Río Perdido

Welcome to Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River

The centrepiece of the 600-acre private reserve is the Rio Perdido, which means “lost river”. This 150-foot, thermo-mineral gorge that draws energy from deep magma flows, will cast its spell on anyone that descends to its magical waters for the first time. It’s a completely natural and inspiring setting, unlike any other place on the planet.


While the feel of each bungalow is distinct, all of them offer the same features and amenities. The 36m2 (400sq ft.) consist of a cozy but very comfortable bedroom + bathroom and an elevated terrace.


We all have our own sense of adventure. Take a short walk from your bungalow and in minutes, you may spot unique species of mammals, reptiles, insects, and amphibians. Thrill seekers can hop on a bike and access miles of world-class trails…or zip through the inside of our White Canyon on a carbon fiber line. There are over a dozen unique options and many more that our visitors creatively invent.


Amazing authentic food with fresh, local ingredients. Expect dining to be more than just keeping the blood sugar balanced, as the talented chef, creates inspired recipes, while respecting the integrity of local culinary tradition.

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