Pacuare Lodge

Welcome to Pacuare Lodge

The Pacuare Lodge is nestled in a rainforest overlooking the Pacuare River, which National Geographic has listed as one of the worlds top ten scenic rivers. Getting to this exquisite eco-lodge is half the adventure, since you arrive and depart as part of a multi-day rafting tour on the Pacuare River. The luxuriant rainforest that surrounds the Pacuare Lodge is a private reserve that forms part of the largest network of protected areas in Central America, covering more than 1.2 million acres of tropical wilderness.

Culinary Experience

If you read the guest comments about the food at the Pacuare Lodge, you might get the impression that we have a chef trained in haute cuisine. The truth is that the lodge’s food is simply the product of love of cooking, a sentiment that is transferred to the jungle and emulsified – to use a culinary term – with the talent of local staff, teaching them how to prepare memorable meals.

The Pacuare Lodge’s kitchen staff is made up of young people from nearby communities. Pacuare Lodge don’t really have a chef; they simply developed the talent of local people and taught them the secrets of great food. We like to surprise our guests with combinations of flavors, local ingredients, innovative recipes and presentations. It isn’t fancy, but it’s delicious enough to warrant opening a bottle of good wine, which is why we keep our cellar well stocked with vintages from around the world.

Honeymoon & Weddings

The Pacuare Lodge is an ideal destination for honeymooners, or anyone looking for privacy, tranquility and tropical nature. The lodge has exquisite suites with king-size beds, spacious bathrooms and private pools and decks that afford unforgettable rainforest views. Candlelight dinners, optional massages, or champagne on ice can add to the romance, whereas the selection of outdoor adventures provide thrills to complement the kisses.

Protected Zone

In the Caribbean region of Costa Rica there is a protected zone of incomparable beauty that begins near the town of Siquirres and covers approximately 25,000 acres as it descends down the Talamanca Mountain Range. This is the area known as Pacuare, which constitutes one of the most important protected areas in the region. Its proximity to the lowlands and its high annual rainfall combine to nurture the complex life systems whose abundance makes for extraordinary scenic beauty. Located within this zone, the Pacuare River forms the northern border of Central America’s most important network of national parks and reserves and offers some of the finest white water in Latin America. Officially designated a “Wild and Scenic River,” the water flows deep inside remarkable primordial rainforest, coursing through a wilderness of dense vegetation that covers the sides of steep gorges rising above the riverbanks. The rainforest’s thick undergrowth provides shelter to jaguars, ocelots, monkeys, sloths, and numerous other species of mammals and birds.

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