Welcome to Manatus Hotel in Tortuguero

The finest accommodations you’ll find in Tortuguero. Manatus is designed to enjoy the natural beauties of this exotic region of Costa Rica, in a peaceful, charming, comfortable and VIP environment.


Fully equipped luxury rooms designed to give you comfort and convenience, and let you connect to the surrounding water canals and wildlife sanctuary of Tortuguero. Tortuguero is a very remote place in the Costa Rican Caribbean. Finding A/C, hot water, cable tv, mini bar and Wi-Fi in local hotels and lodges is not an easy task. Manatus Hotel is the exclusive way to enjoy Tortuguero with fully equiped luxury rooms.


In the Ara Macaw gourmet restaurant you can choose one of our special combinations of local Caribbean flavors and scents, or go for an equally delicious cosmopolitan dish.


Tortuguero is full of things to do. Visit the Tortuguero Village and the Caribbean Conservation Company, to get a taste of the afro-Caribbean culture and the preservation philosophy of Tortuguero. Tortuguero is characterized by its beauty and its great variety of water canals you can visit and take a tour. We invite you to enjoy a night walk through the hotel trails to experience safely and lively the fantastic sounds of the forest.

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