Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is a great opportunity to experience Costa Rica’s fauna and flora, wildlife and scenery at a leisurely pace. It is a unique experience, during which you will see breathtaking views, cattle and farmland and experience authentic Costa Rica.

Horses and riding traditions are cherished in Costa Rica and have a long tradition, ever since the Spanish brought them to Costa Rica in the 16th century. As the country is very rugged with many volcanoes, mountains and rainforests, horses used to be the best way to get around in the country. Especially in the Guanacaste are horses play an important part in daily life, as they are used to work the land and cattle. Even though the main economic activity in the region is now tourism, the traditions of “sabaneros”, which is what cowboys are called in Costa Rica, are still deeply rooted in the community.

If you enjoy horseback riding, Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to do so and a unique way to learn about the country and its culture. We can offer horseback riding tours in many locations throughout the country and will gladly add a tour to your personal itinerary!

Horse Back Riding

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