Hanging Bridges

Costa Rica is home to rain forests, cloud forests, and lots of jungle. And what better way is there to explore these forests and jungles than hiking on hanging bridges? These bridges give you a unique perspective as you will see the forest from above, while being on the same level as most birds, monkeys and many other animals. If Zip-Lining is not for you, hanging bridges is the right choice to explore rain and cloud forests from above.

Most hanging bridges are located near Arenal Volcano and the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Both destinations offer many options of hanging bridges and offer memorable experiences.

A great option to explore the unique cloud forest in Monteverde is the Selvatura Park. It offers 8 hanging or suspension bridges which you can experience during a two-hour hike along a roughly 2-mile trail. You will most likely be greeted by some monkeys as well as having spectacular views of different flora and fauna.

Another option for hanging bridges is located near Arenal Volcano and called the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. There are several trails you can hike on and in total the park has 6 suspension bridges as well as 10 non-suspension bridges and you will get the opportunity to see many different species of birds as well as waterfalls and stunning views from the bridges and trails.

Exploring hanging bridges in Costa Rica is definitely something you shouldn’t miss during your vacation in the country. It is a very unique experience that gives you the opportunity to explore the country from a different perspective and will be a great memory of your time in Costa Rica!

Hanginmg Bridges

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