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In Costa Rica, the term “Grano de Oro” is used to refer to the coffee bean, their “Grain of Gold”. The founders of this boutique hotel fell in love with the idea that such a small fruit could be so valuable.

Hotel Grano de Oro was started by a Canadian couple who frequented Costa Rica for vacation. They loved the natural beauty of the country and the people, and in particular the metropolitan city of San Jose. They found that San José was lacking an upscale boutique-style hotel, offering a unique, personalized service – in other words a “Grain of Gold”. With this in mind, the search for the perfect house to be renovated began.

Things to do

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy while staying in San José, this city offers an interesting mix of cultural and artistic highlights, the city is going through a revitalization process and there is history, culture and architecture everywhere. Walking from the hotel or with a 5 minutes ride in a taxi, you can visit the surrounding areas; we recommend the following 4 routes or jumping on the Hop On /Hop Off Bus that stops right outside of our hotel! Ask our receptionists for a city map.

Restaurant & cuisine

More than 20 years ago we had the pleasure of meeting and hiring French Chef Francis Canal. Fortunately, he fell in love not only with this country but with a wonderful Costa Rican woman. They married and decided to stay in this tropical paradise! For 23 years we have enjoyed working with him and watching (but more so tasting!) as he masterfully merges Costa Rican tropical ingredients with French Mediterranean cuisine.


Hotel Grano de Oro is a turn of the century tropical Victorian home turned boutique hotel.  The Garden Suite is the original living room of the home – which is over 100 years old!

The smell of the wood is the first thing you will notice when you enter to the Suite, taking you back in time. The original wood paneling on the walls is still in perfect condition thanks to the great work of our maintenance team.  The essence of the original room is still present in this relaxing and comfortable suite furnished with period pieces and a luxurious king sized bed.

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