Chameleons Mal País

Welcome to Casa Chameleons at Mal País

Mal Pais is an adults-only retreat tucked away in the jungle of Costa Rica. It embodies privacy, and no two villas are the same. Access requires an adventurous 4×4 drive, but once you’re in Mal Pais you’ll find a quirky little beach town with just the right blend of locals, surfers, yoginis, and barefoot wanderers. Located in one of the world’s seven Blue Zones, Mal Pais is recognized as one of the healthiest places in the world.


Take in the ocean views and jungle peace from your private villa with a drink in hand. You can go so far as to sit poolside with a private bartender. DIY-inclined guests can request locally sourced cocktail ingredients delivered to your room. Get insight into what makes the cuisine internationally renowned. Learn to make the best local drinks from Casa Chameleon’s resident mixologist. Take part in cooking classes with Casa Chameleon’s executive chef and receive local recipes from the culinary team.


Costa Rica is a wellness mecca. And the Nicoya Peninsula is more than just another tropical paradise — it has been recognized by the scientific community as a Blue Zone, one of the 7 healthiest regions in the world. To come stay at Casa Chameleon is to dive deep into the paradisal pool of wellness we call home.


Explore the Mal Pais and greater Nicoya Peninsula with the handcrafted help of our dedicated, personal vacation advisors. The ocean is one of Mal Pais’ greatest treasures. There are countless ways to explore its beauty, from fishing its shores, to surfing Nicoya Peninsula’s world famous swells, to diving the ocean’s depths. Beyond the sea, enjoy the fine sand beaches, volcanic geography, miles of hiking and biking trails, and old-growth jungle of Mal Pais. As you wander the Blue Zones area, one thing is for certain: the opportunity for adventure in Mal Pais is endless.

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