Costa Rica is world-renowned for its canopy tours, also known as zip-lines. Imagine sailing through the treetops hundreds of meters in the air with a chance to spot some of the country’s diverse wildlife and explore the rainforest from a different perspective. With nearly a quarter of the land covered with rainforests, there are dozens of family-friendly locations and companies to take you on this thrilling adventure. Canopy is very popular throughout the country, but the most popular destinations to do Canopy are Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. As these are some of Costa Ricas Highlights you should definitely add a thrilling Canopy Tour to your vacation!

Canopy started with Ph.D. students who climbed trees and the rain and cloud forest canopies in order to research botany, zoology and ecology. To make climbing from tree to tree easier they introduced sliding on a horizontal rope between and down the trees, which then developed to modern canopy.

Nowadays it is not about research anymore, but the thrilling experience of sliding down long zip-lines in the middle of the rainforest. Usually you descend down several zip-lines, some of which can be more than a kilometer long. Often times you can combine a canopy tour with a hanging bridges tour, which makes for a great experience. Some canopy tours also offer so-called “Superman Cables”, where you will fly down the cable head first in a superman pose. Another popular part of a canopy tour is the “Tarzan Swing”, during which you jump from a high platform and swing like Tarzan. Certainly an unforgettable experience and memory of your Costa Rica vacation.


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