Bird Watching

Costa Rica is a bird watcher’s paradise, and with good cause! As the bridge connecting the Americas, it is home to a striking variety of tropical birds. Few places in the world are home to so many bird different species. Over 850 have been identified – more than the United States and Canada combined! Keep in mind, Costa Rica only has an area of roughly 20 000 square miles, which makes the country smaller than West Virginia. Costa Rica has 12 of the planet’s 18 different life zones, providing a huge range of climates. Factor in the volcanoes and rolling hills of the country, and different altitudes just add to the species variety!

Popular birds of Costa Rica include toucans, scarlet macaws, motmots, and the shy and beautiful Quetzal. Up to 150 different species have been reported seen in a single day. From the dry tropics of the Nicoya Peninsula to the humid lowlands of the Caribbean Coast, the incredible array of habitats and micro-systems creates nearly endless bird watching opportunities in Costa Rica.

Anyone who has come to Costa Rica for bird watching has heard of Monteverde, the famous cloud forest. Monteverde is one of the legendary and classic bird watching spots where more than 350 bird species have been identified. Located at an altitude ranging from 1400 to1700 meters above sea level, this area is home to hundreds of tropical birds. Apart from the popular quetzal and toucan there are other species living in the area including wood creepers, flycatchers and migratory species like orioles and grosbeaks. Another bird that lives here is the three-wattle bellbird which is not often seen.

There are plenty of other destinations in Costa Rica that offer fantastic Bird Watching, like Manuel Antonio or San Gerardo de Dota. If you are interested in birds, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for you!

Bird Watching

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